100 summer photo opportunities (rehosted link)

back by popular demand is my free 100 summer photo opportunities file that i shared last year.

(this is a pdf file that is an instant download to the email address you provide below).

you can download the file here:
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as always, thanks for visiting the willette blog!  i have missed y’all!!!


  1. What an awesome file! Thanks so much for sharing it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love it !

  3. Thank you so much for re-hosting this. I am SO looking forward to getting started on these great ideas. You’re a gem!!

  4. Thank You so much Kelly, have a wonderful summer.

  5. What a great idea and motivator to get out there and shoot! Thank you! :o )

  6. The list is awesome! Thank you.

  7. Hooray! I’ve been led to this download a number of times during my online cruising and have always been sad when the link was expired. This is great! Thank you for sharing! So where have you been lately? I’ve been missing your updates in my inbox lately. :)

  8. Thank You, now if I had some kids would be great! Maybe I can borrow some and just have fun!

  9. I would love the file. Thank you! Super idea.

  10. Thank you! We’ve missed you too!

  11. I stumbled on this link a week or so ago when I was going through withdraw while your blog was being worked on (I think I read everything you’ve got on here!) and was so sad when the link was inactive. I couldn’t be more excited that you re-posted this – thank you!!!!

  12. Very nice, thank you!

  13. angela dunn says:

    What a wonderful idea, thanks

  14. hi, i just found your blog today and would love to get this pdf file, is the link expired? thank you :)

  15. thank you for sharing your work!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  17. marie-anne raeman says:

    thanks for sharing

  18. Cool idea!

  19. Ivana Beric says:


  20. Thanks

  21. Thank you!! How great!!

  22. ShannonR2 says:


  23. I would love the file. Thank you so much! LV

  24. Awesome! thanks

  25. I didn’t get what you mean at first, but I think it’s so much fun and helpful! thank you for your generosity!

  26. love it

  27. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Sherrill says:

    Thank you!

  29. Thanks soooo much!

  30. Thanks for sharing!

  31. is it still available :) little late but heading to Australia and think I may use these… thanks!

  32. Thanks for such a great site. Just bought several Posing guides! Love that I can mow do my own professional styles shoots of my Grandkids and family. Thanks for the repost, too!!

  33. Wendy Adams says:

    Thanks so much!